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Lying in the heart of South East Asia, Malaysia consists of two separate land masses with a total of 330,343 sq km. Peninsular Malaysia or West Malaysia is bordered by Thailand in the North and Singapore in the South.
East Malaysia, comprising the states of Sabah and Sarawak, stretches along the northern region of Borneo. The two land masses are separated by the South China Sea.

Here you will discover a delightful fusion of Asia’s oldest civilizations – The Malay, Chinese and Indian, a geo-cultural mix made even more interesting by the assimilation of other cultures into the fabric of its society – the indigenous cultures of the Kadazans, Ibans and other ethnic groups of Sabah and Sarawak, as well as the influence of the British, Portuguese, Dutch and Thais. Malaysia has an exuberant celebration of festivals, customs, traditions and a tempting array of multicultural cuisines.

Opportunities for adventure are as numerous as they are diverse. From jungle trekking, mountain climbing, caving, and mountain biking, to river safari’s, whitewater rafting, diving, skydiving, off road excitement and more. With its national parks offering ancient rainforests, and a cornucopia of flora and fauna it is also nature lovers paradise. Tropical islands with white beaches dot its coastlines

What attracts most is that all the above is available at a cost for value bargain. With good hotels costing only between USD 80 - 100 and meals at less than USD 3 - 5, this holiday destination allows you to stretch your money for all its worth.

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Pulau Langkawi or Langkawi Island The State of Perlis The State of Kedah Pulau Pinang or Penang Perhentian Islands The State of Kelantan The State of Terengganu Pulau Pangkor or Pangkor Island The State of Pahang Kuala Lumpur - The Capital City The State of Selangor The State of Negri Sembilan The Historical State of Melaka or Malacca Pulau Tiooman or Tioman Island The Southern State of Johor Dive Islands of Layang - Layang Kota Kinabalu - Capital & Gateway to Sabah Labuan Island Kinabalu National Park Sandakan Town Danum Forest Park Reserve North Borneo State of Sabah Dive Islands of Sipidan Mulu National Park The State of Sarawak Kuching the Capital city of Sarawak

In Peninsula Malaysia, the West Coast is the more developed side of Peninsular Malaysia, made up with the states of Kedah, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Penang, Perak, Perlis and Selangor. Kuala Lumpur is the capital city and main gateway into Malaysia with Putrajaya as the new administrative centre, are all located within this region. In the upper north-west is the fabled island of Langkawi.

The East Coast is made up of the states of Kelantan, Pahang and Terengganu, is more rural, traditional and conservatively Muslim. The islands (Perhentians) off the coast here are glittering tropical jewels. In the South is the state of Johor and the idyllic island of Tioman.

Some 800 kilometres to the east is East Malaysia, and the states of Sabah and Sarawak, which occupies the northern third of the island of Borneo, shared with Indonesia and the small kingdom of Brunei. Off the upper western coast is the island of Labuan. Covered with tropical rain forests, it offers a variety of wildlife. It is peopled by various native tribes that still practice a cultural lifestyle that remains unchanged especially in the interior regions. Also here of the coast of Sabah are the famous dive islands of Sipadan.

Climate - Malaysia has a typically tropical climate – it’s hot and humid all year-round. Throughout the region the humidity tends to hover around the 90% mark, but on the Peninsula you can escape from the heat and humidity by retreating to the delightfully cool Hill Resorts and Highlands.
Full country name - Federation of Malaysia
Area - 329,750 sq km (204,445 sq mi)
Population - 26 million
Capital city - Kuala Lumpur (pop 2 million)
People - Comprising of 93% Malaysian Citizens - 65% Malay plus indigenous People, 26% Chinese, 9% Indian
Language - Bahasa Malaysia (Malay), English, Chinese dialects, Tamil, indigenous dialects
Religion - 52% Muslim, 17% Buddhist, 12% Taoist, 8% Christian, 8% Hindu, 2% tribal
Government - Parliamentary Monarchy
Prime Minister - Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
GDP: US$99 billion GDP per head: US$4530
Major products/industries - Tin, rubber, palm oil, timber, oil, textiles, electronics
Major trading partners:  Singapore, Japan, USA


States of Malaysia

13 States and the Federal Territories
Map with State flags and fast facts


The people of Malaysia come from a number of different ethnic groups mainly Malays, Chinese, Indians, with the indigenous Eurasians and the indigenous Orang Asli of the peninsula and the various tribes of Sabah and Sarawak and others tribes making up the remaining population.


The variety of religions found is a direct reflection of the diversity of races living in Malaysia. The Language, Music and Dace, Cultures, and its Celebrations and Festivals.


Just look, with our multi-cultural social mix, you certainly can expect somewhat of a unique and endless blend of cuisine.


Various Items as well as a host of other decor pieces and functional household items. Details on the various handicrafts and cultural items include
Pua Kumbu / Wau / Keris / Wayang Kulit
/ Wood Carving / Pottery / Songket / Mengkuang / Gold, Silver & Brass



One of the unique feature of Malaysian celebrations is the concept of open house.
Hari Raya Puasa / Chinese New Year / Fifth Moon Festival / Moon Cake Festival / Ghost Festival /
 9 Emperors Festival / Thaipusam / Deepavali / Pongal / Kaul / Pesta Kamaatan / Gawai Dayak / Christmas / Fiesta San Pedro



Frequently asked questions regarding travel to and about Malaysia


Brief History of Malaysia from the early Malay people, Melaka, the colonization by European powers, the Japanese Occupation, Malayan Emergency to independence and the Indonesian Confrontation


Malaysia is a confederation of 13 states. The political system is a federal one, which each state having its own legislature

The Monarchy

Undoubtedly, the Malaysian monarchy is a unique system as it is the only country where its King or the ‘Yang DiPertauan Agong’ is elected every five years.
The King / The Royal Regalia / Past Kings


Holidays in Malaysia

Features National & State holidays - Festivals, Religious holidays, School Holidays as is observed for the current
Calendar 2008
Cultural / Religious & Special Days 2008


Transport in Malaysia

Information on transport services and facilities in Malaysia
Road Transport / Rail Transport / Air Transport


Golfing at challenging and scenic courses throughout Malaysia

Weather & Climate

Information and details on the climate and weather conditions prevailing throughout Malaysia



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