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Putrajaya ~ The Parks

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  Taman Botani (Botany Park) Taman Putra Perdana Taman Rimba Alam
Taman Warisan Pertanian (Agricultural Park) The Putrajaya Wetlands

Putrajaya is a Garden City with a modern look. 70% of its landscape consists of gardens, lakes and parks. There are 13 different parks ranging from botanical gardens to the main landscaped wetlands that contribute to its character.

Taman Botani (Botany Park)
Taman Botani is located on the Northern section of Precinct 1. It has been designed as an Arcadia or a national sanctuary for the Malaysian living collection of plant taxonomy as well as a centre for education and research. With about 700 species from over 90 countries of origin, the Botanical Garden captures the full diversity of tropical flowering species.

The collection of plant life assembled here consists not only of plants that are indigenous to Malaysia but includes many species, which are introduced from other tropical countries, stretching across Africa, Tropical America and Asia Pacific. Informative plaques and materials are strategically located to help better understand their complex nature. Among the more interesting plants are peacock flower, also known as 'Pride of Barbados', gravity-defying flowering banana, the Lobster Claw and sealing wax palm.

Facilities include a Visitor Interpretative Centre with an interactive exhibition and the Explorer's trail with Canopy Bridge, Heliconia Trail and the Vine Garden. Others include the Palm Hill, Sun Garden, Floral Steps, Orchid Path, and Floral Gardens. Walks here include on the tree-high Canopy Bridge, the Heliconia Trail, the Sun Garden, the unique African Collection, the Tropical American Collection and many others. Naturally the plants here attracts the birds and this also a good place for bird watching.
Opening Hours:
The Park: Daily from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm (including public holidays)
The Visitor Interpretive Centre: Tuesday to Saturday - 10.00 am to 6.00 pm
Sunday, Public holidays and School holidays- 10.00 am to 7.00 pm
Monday - Closed (except Public Holidays)

Taman Putra Perdana
Taman Putra Perdana is located at the highest point in Precinct 1. This beautiful park can easily be accessed via Persiaran Sultan Salahuddin Abdul
 Aziz Shah i.e. the oval road of Putrajaya.
The park is among the best place to enjoy a panoramic view of Putrajaya. Next to the park is the famous Shanri-La Putrajaya and Istana Melawati. The main highlight here is the fountains in the shape of Sirih Junjung - a symbol of welcoming visitors in the old days.

You will also find the Mercu Tanda, a Putrajaya landmark. Features here include Entrance plaza, Terrace Garden, Cascade Plaza, Perdana Mall,
 Fragrant Garden and Gazebos

Taman Rimba Alam
Straddled on Precincts 14 and 15 on the eastern section of Putrajaya, the park is bordered by the Diplomatic Enclave and the residential areas of Precincts 14 and 15. Taman Rimba Alam is conceptualised showcase of urban forestry combining a sustainable tropical forest ecosystem with a metropolitan recreational park. It features - Nature Interpretative and Forest Education Centre, Camping grounds, Look Out Tower, Forest Trail & Footpath, Shelters and Viewing Platform.

Taman Warisan Pertanian
What is unique about this park is that it is a live museum that displays all aspect of the local agricultural industry. Located within the southern part of Precinct 16 the park has more than 180 various species of plants including fruits, herbs, flowers, vegetables and the industry plants such as rubber trees and pineapple plants available here. This park doesn't only exhibit the plants but also conducts various agricultural activities such as plucking fruits, rubber tapping demos
 and food processing.

The main features are the Herbs and Spices Track, the Fruit Trees Orchards, the Rubber Conservation Plot and the Viewing Deck. The Visitor's Complex also sells souvenirs, agricultural products, fresh and processed fruits.
Open daily for orchards visit from 9.00 am - 7.00 pm

The Putrajaya Wetlands
Located between the Taman Botani and the Taman Wetland in Precinct 13, The Wetlands Park in Putrajaya, is believed to be the largest constructed freshwater wetlands in the tropics. It has a total area of 335ha. And includes a wildlife sanctuary which attracts a huge variety of animals to the combined terrestrial-aquatic wetland environment.

The park's lake is also home to a pair of hippopotamus from Africa. The marsh plants play a vital role in trapping sediments and taking up the excess nutrients from the water ensuring that water flows out is cleaner and sediment free. More than 70 species of wetland plants totalling 12.3 million plants were planted and 24 species of indigenous fish were introduced in the wetland.

Several species of local marshland birds and water birds including the Little Egret, the Little Green Heron and Cinnamon Bittern, and migratory birds form Northern Hemisphere have been spotted there. The Wetland Putrajaya is also a favourite place for bird watchers specially during the migration period that is between August to April. Its features include - Wetland Cells, Flamingo Ponds, Lookout Tower, Nature Interpretation Centre and Swan Lake.

You can walk along the nature trails to explore the wetland cells, pond, lake and numerous species of birds, plants and natural landscape.





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